Ten Tips for Monitoring and Reviewing Your Project

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1. Have a clear project management monitoring and reviewing process – agreed by senior managers - the project sponsor and the project Board, if you have one.
2. Ensure your organisation’s corporate governance structure and your project management monitoring and control structure are compatible. If you do not know whether this is the case then seek senior management involvement.
3. Be aware early in the project what will be monitored, how they will be monitored and the frequency.
4. Keep accurate records of your project not only for audit purposes but to ensure you have documents which enable you to monitor changes.
5. Use a Planned v. Actual form.  It is easy to create – it allows you to monitor how you are progressing with specific tasks – time and money. Link these forms into milestone reviews.
6. Identify with your sponsor the type of control that is needed – loose or tight or a variation of these, e.g. tight at the start, loose in the middle, tight at the end.  Ensure the system you develop reflects the type of control intended.
7. Agree a system for project changes – have an agreed system for monitoring and approving changes.  Use change control forms and obtain formal sign off (agreement) by the sponsor, before action a change.  Look for the impact of the change on the project scope as well as the “key driver” - quality, and cost and time.
8. Appoint someone to be responsible for project quality especially in larger projects.  Review quality formally with the client at agreed milestone dates.
9. Make certain you have agreed who can sanction changes in the absence of your sponsor. If you haven’t agreed this, what will you do in their absence?
10. Set a time limit for project meetings to review progress. Have an agenda with times against each item and summarise after each item at the end of the meeting.
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