How to use Bar Chart as Project Management Tool

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Management Tools are the means that help managers and the team members successfully plan, manage and execute the different tasks involved in each project.
The wide range of project management tools are available, the key to selecting the right one is understanding that different tools are needed along the different stages of a project life cycle.Here I discussed Bar Charts.

Bar Charts
Project Bar Charts are useful for comparing classes or groups of data. In projaect bar charts, a class or group can have a single category of projaect data, or they can be broken down further into multiple categories for greater depth of projaect analysis.

Things to look for:
Project Bar charts are familiar to most people, and interpreting them depends largely on what projaect information you are looking for. You might look for:

  • The tallest bar.
  • The shortest bar.
  • Growth or shrinking of the bars over time.
  • One bar relative to another.
  • Change in bars representing the same category in different Classes.

Other tips:
Watch out for inconsistent scales. If you're comparing two or more projaect charts, be sure they use the same scale. If they don't have the same scale, be aware of the differences and how they might trick your eye.
Be sure that all your classes are equal. For example, don't mix weeks and months, years and half-years, or newly-invented categories with ones that have trails of data behind them.

Be sure that the interval between classes is consistent. For example, if you want to compare current data that goes month by month to older data that is only available for every six months, either use current data for every six months or show the older data with blanks for the missing months.
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