How Project Management Templates Help A Project Manager

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When you adopt a new project it's possible you could enter that project at any stage. Be it startup, initiate, closure or anything in between you'll want to prove that you're a capable Project Manager as fast as possible.

When you get down to business and start working on project documentation and related material, one of the most common things you'll eventually ask will be "So, what template do you guys use for project stage xyz".

Unfortunately, you'll often be surprised at the answer. "Here are some templates we have used in the past".

What happens next is horrifying.

It's a terrible half finished template that's missing critical components of the project stage.

After the panic has subsided it's usually our resourcefulness that ends up saving the day. Be it project initiation or risk management, usually all PM's have a suite of project management templates in their kit bag. Some even carry them from job to job!

This template kit bag usually consists of a full set of proven project templates from budgeting through to closure. Personally having a kit bag like this has saved my bacon on several occasions.

But hold on I hear you say, I'm a new PM and I haven't yet built up a repository of proven collateral yet?

That's where you can cheat by getting a decent set of project management templates from the Internet! There are lots of resources on the Internet check out a few and start building your kit bag!

If the company you work for has rubbish templates, think of the value you'll provide if you start introducing relevant, targeted professional templates and get the work done in half the time.
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