Closedown and Review of Project Management

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1# Agree well in advance a date to hold a post project review meeting. Put this onto the Gantt chart.
2# Invite key stakeholders, sponsor, and project team to the post project review. If the date is in their diary well in advance it should make it easier for them to attend

3# Focus your meeting on learning – identifying what you can use on the next project.  Share the learning with others in the organisation.
4# Check whether you have delivered the original project objectives and benefits and not gone out of scope.
5# Make sure that you have delivered against budget, quality requirements and the end deadline.
6# Understand how well you managed risks and your key stakeholders. Use questionnaires to obtain feedback.
7# Prepare a list of unfinished items.  Identify who will complete these after the project and circulate to any stakeholders. 
8# Hand over the project formally to another group (it is now their day job) - if appropriate. You may need to build this into the project plan and involve them early in the plan and at different stages throughout the project.
9# Write an end of project report and circulate.  Identify in the report key learning points.
10# Close the project formally.  Inform others you have done this and who is now responsible for dealing with day to day issues.
11# Celebrate success with your team! Recognise achievement, there is nothing more motivating.
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