Top Five Tips for Project Management

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What is a project?  Why worry whether something is a project?  Why not use some of the project management processes, e.g. stakeholder analysis or use of traffic lights to manage your work?  They key principle is to deliver the piece of work using the appropriate tools. We use the term project based working to describe this approach.

1# Get trained!  Research points out that only 61% of people have received any project management training.
2# Ensure you have the buy-in of senior managers for your project.  You will need to work hard to influence upwards and get their support.
3# What about the day job? Projects get in the way and the day job gets in the way of projects! Many people have found that by applying project based working to day to day activities and by being more rigorous on project work, more is achieved.
4# Identify early on in the life of the project the priority of your projects.  Inevitably there will be a clash with another project or another task.  Use your project management skills to deliver and your senior management contacts to check out the real priority of the project.
5# Discover how project management software can help.  But, you will need to develop the business case, produce a project definition alongside planning what will go into the software.  Many project managers use simple Excel spreadsheets or charts in word to help deliver their project.
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