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Daily management planing is necessary for a manager. How a manager can work and plan effectively? Here are some tips and tricks to get best from management. 

1: Visualize the full day into your mind and then the tasks that you have to do. 
2: Write all the tasks on the paper and manage them in order of their importance.
3: Short list them with respect to their importance and urgency. 
4: Manage the tasks in such a way that they should fulfill all the requirements with respect to your   planing.
5: Start your day with that list managed by you.
6: Have a separate section to write ideas and notes. 
7: Make your list achievable with respect to your skill and management.
8: Now start working on the list and tick the tasks completed.
9: Write the missing tasks difficulty and plan for their solution. 
10: Put the missing tasks on next day with better and effective management planing and strategies. 

Management planning is not a born gifted quality. It can be developed by effectively working on it. Make your daily management planing before going to sleep and start working with the day start up.

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