Project Scheduling

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A project manager should identify the critical path for the project.  The critical path identifies those activities which have to be completed by the due date in order to complete the project on time.
Communicate, communicate, communicate!  
Delivering a project effectively means you need to spend time communicating with a wide range of individuals.  Build a communication plan and review it regularly and include it in your Gantt chart.
Are you involved in a major change project? If you are, think through the implications of this on key stakeholders and how you may need to influence and communicate with them.
Conduct Risk Assessment – carry out a full risk analysis and document it in a risk register.  Regularly review each risk to ensure you are managing them, rather than them managing you. 
Appoint a person to manage each risk.
Develop a Gantt chart and use it to monitor progress against the plan and to involve key stakeholders in the communications process.
Draw up a milestone plan. These are stages in the project. You can use the milestone dates to check the project is where it should be.  Review whether activities have been delivered against the milestone dates and take a look forward at what needs to be achieved to deliver the next milestone.
Always use relevant software to master your planning.

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