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Management Team Selecion
Think ‘Team Selection’ – give some thought to who should be in your team.  Analyse whether they have the skills required to enable them to carry out their role?  If not, ensure they receive the right training. Check they are available for the period of the project. NOTE: this includes any contactors you may need to use.
Group of Project Managers
Form a group of Project Managers. The Project Manager role can sometimes be very lonely!  Give support to each other by forming a group of Project Managers.
Project Stakeholder
Identify who the stakeholders are for your project – those affected and ‘impacted’ by the project.  This should be an in- depth analysis which needs updating regularly.
Project Driving Factors
Recognise early in the life of the project what is driving the project.  Is it a drive to improve quality, reduce costs or hit a particular deadline?  You can only have 1.  Discuss with the sponsor what is driving the project and ensure you stick to this throughout the project. Keep “the driver” in mind especially when you monitor and review.
Workshop Management
Hold a kick off meeting (Start up Workshop) with key stakeholders, sponsor, project manager project team.  Use the meeting to help develop the PID.  Identify risks and generally plan the project.  If appropriate hold new meetings at the start of a new stage.
Review of Management Stages
Ensure you review the project during the Defining Your Project Stage – involve your sponsor or senior manager in this process. Remember to check progress against the business case.
Delivery Planning
Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project.  A WBS is a key element you will need to develop your plan.  It lists out all of the activities you will need to undertake to deliver the project. Post it notes can be a great help in developing your WBS.
Identify the Chunks
Group tasks under different headings once you have a list. This will enable you to identify the chunks of work that need to be delivered, as well as put together the Gantt chart and milestone chart.
Identify dependencies
Identify dependencies (or predecessors) of all activities. This will let you put together the Gantt and milestone charts. Ensure you write them down otherwise you are trying to carry potentially hundreds of options in your head.
Management of Time Duration
Estimate how long each activity will take. Be aware that research points out we are notoriously bad at estimating.  You estimate a task will take 3 days.  Identify how confident you are that you can deliver in 3 days by using % e.g. I’m only 40% certain I can deliver in 3 days. You should aim for 80%. If   you do not believe you can achieve 80% then re-calculate.
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