4 Planning Questions to a Managers and Their Answers

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When you are a project manager first of all you should know and realize what are total tasks to meet the project. Count them and write them on separate pages.Even you can make files to manage them.if the tasks are big then you can assign them to your team members.

Now take the first task and start estimating the time to finish it. your time must be realistic not emotional. I mean from emotional that mostly project managers wishes to complete the tasks as soon as possible and ignore  the realistic approach. So make a right time schedule for each task and write them into their files.

A project manager must have a team of efficient and qualified people whom he will assign the task according to their abilities. This will be very useful if you assign right man for right task. It is the only phenomena that will decide the success of your project.
Now is the time when you have to make research for hurdles that will come in scheduling of your project.
Think, plan and remove them. You just try to make those people successful whom you assign the tasks and after completing the tasks they will make you more successful more powerful.
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