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When we think about relationships we often think quite naturally about our relationships with other people; we don't often pause to consider the quality of relationship that we build with our business. However, as an entrepreneur, especially in a small business, this is a critical relationship which impacts the quality of products or services delivered by the business and also defines the quality of life as experienced by the entrepreneur. These are both vitally important to the resonant energy which is generated by the business.

We instantly recognize energy when we see it. Businesses with energy are alive with that special something that makes them stand out from the rest of the competition like shining stars. They sparkle and attract clients like bees around a honey pot. They offer the promise of energy in everything they do, encouraging clients to get involved to enjoy a greater level of vitality in their own lives. They have a natural vibrance which also attracts others to want to get involved, not only as clients but as employees or affiliates too. Individuals are captured by this sense of vitality, knowing without really knowing that we too could benefit from a greater feeling of energy and flow.

In order to build an energetic business, we need to understand the principles of energy and how it is organized into an integrated energy system. The Intuitive Energy Model for Entrepreneurs ™ on the last page offers a visual representation of this system detailing the seven individual levels of energy combined with the four thresholds of energetic business development for the entrepreneur. This model is both a personal development tool and a business development model.

Entrepreneurs that focus exclusively on the lower energy levels, tend to find that business is hard work and they can often be found struggling to survive in the highly competitive marketplace. Business can be dominated by both the fear and anxiety of not being or having enough. Thus life is hard and business a constant struggle.

Entrepreneurs who focus exclusively on the higher energy levels also suffer as their business struggles to ground itself within physical reality. They can be impractical at meeting the basic needs of their business and their customers and thus need to develop skills at the lower energy levels to return to alignment and flow.

The aim of the model is not to develop to level 7 and then stay operating from there, as even at level 7 there is a narrow bandwidth of energy. The intention is to develop a greater bandwidth of energetic capability, to ultimately have developed skills at each of the levels so that both the entrepreneur and the business have developed a greater level of flexibility. Entrepreneurs who learn to master all seven levels can embrace the full spectrum of energy. This gives them an unprecedented ability to respond appropriately to business challenges, whilst also leading more fulfilled lives.

Intuitive energy is a new paradigm in business, one that is value based. It reflects your intention to focus on how you are being in your business rather than merely what you are doing in your business. It puts human connection and service on an equal footing with business results and profits.
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